Maximum yield starting from germination

Alcachofissimas is a project created by Babyplant, a seedling artichoke nursery, which aims to bring together everything artichoke-related under one roof, from germination right through to consumption





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Reproduction from seed has, until now, been a procedure rarely used as a cash crop. Until recently, artichokes deriving from seed crops were of inferior quality. However, following the genetic improvements introduced, together with the development and knowledge of new cultivation techniques, the artichokes thus obtained can boast outstanding quality and production.


of growing artichokes from seed

Reduction in crop failure

Sharp decline in crop failure


High genetic stability


Uniformity and vigour of plants during crop development


Prevents the transmission of pests and diseases (Verticillium dahliae, Rhizoctonia solani…).


Greater flexibility during planting and production periods


New hybrids adapt well to industry needs


Proven high fresh output

Seedling artichoke plants

Learn about the artichoke varieties from seed

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About Babyplant

The brand for seedling artichoke plants from seed produced by the Babyplant nurseries goes by and operates under the name Alcahofíssimas

Babyplant has been a specialist in horticultural seedling plants for over 30 years.

Backed by a team of qualified professionals with a proven track record in the sector, Babyplant builds unique relationships with its customers and suppliers, sharing ideas, experiences and knowledge. With production reaching more than 400 million horticultural, conventional and organic plants, Babyplant – through its different brands – is present across all production areas in Europe.

At BABYPLANT we believe that good things don’t just happen

We believe that everything happens for a reason, that nothing happens by chance

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